Music by Dan Murphy
Lyrics by Raye Bush & Dan Murphy
©1971, 2007

Green was the bud and white flecked the ocean
Sparking the rain and deep my devotion
All of the world was my garden to play in
I dreamed that here I always would stay in
Fruit on the trees from low-hanging branches
Soft summer days and sweet evening dances
All of my youth was a time for rejoicing
How did I lose my way?

Seasons of childhood lasted forever
Waves on the beaches, breezes in heather
Nights when the wolf howls, days when the lark sings
How could I guess the changes that time brings
So for my children will there be oceans?
Dolphins at play and grateful emotions?
Will there be summer, will there be springtime?
Can they be young like me?

Earth offers all of us seasons of glory
Each of us has a part in the story
Taking and giving of earth in fair measure
Sky, air, and water and land are our treasure
For you, my children, a bright green tomorrow
Deer and the bear and the hawk and the sparrow
Giving to you, as in trust I was given
I have not lost my way.

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