The Outpost and other Odd Places

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On The Outpost...

This is a collection of recordings done over more than two decades in various styles and with various other musicians (or none). There is almost no consistency of style or sound from cut to cut, and even by the rather relaxed standards of folk music, this doesn't exactly have a lot of commercial possibilities. It is possible to say what some of the songs are about, though. For example:

It's the Watergate Story

Holy Haldeman! June 17, 2017 will be the 45th anniversary of the Watergate breakin! Relive those thrilling years of the Nixon administration with "The White House Un-American Activities Rag" -- the best Watergate song ever written, if I say so myself. (Cut 3.) Update: Watch a live performance video.

Software Engineer Meets SuperSalesman!

A tale of corporate America in the computer age -- what happens when a hapless software engineer finds himself in a room with 2927 salesmen and marketeers. Patterned after Arlo Guthrie's classic "Alice's Restaurant" but updated to the more contemporary "Digital County Store".  Well, it was contemporary when I did it, but Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) is now long gone. (Cut 8.)


Those are some highlights, but check out the whole thing and find your favorite. You can determine your personality type by which song you most like. Just check your preference on the score sheet which we'll be posting real soon now.

1. THE OUTPOST. Title song. The Outpost is where we watch the passing parade, from "Lucifer's motley minions" to "Gabriel's holy host". It's off the main highway, but just a short way down the road. MP3  Lyrics.

2. DANFORTH. As in J. Danforth Quayle. Also the best Dan Quayle song ever written if I do say so myself. Should have been forgotten years ago but somehow lives on. MP3 Lyrics

3. THE WHITE HOUSE UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES RAG. About the "gate" that began them all, it's "The Watergate Story and it sure is gory..." MP3 Lyrics.  Historical note: this recording is so old that it was originally released under the name "The Doormat Singers", even though there was only one Doormat singer in it. For more info, see The Doormat Singers.

4. JUST SAY NO. Remember "just say no"? How to solve the nation's drug problem with a wave of the hand and a good slogan. Piece of cake. MP3 Lyrics

5. GRANITE GRASS. One of several songs on the CD with a folk/bluegrass sound, this is the signature song for the group "Granite Grass" which I started with some other guys up here in the "granite state" of New Hampshire. MP3 Lyrics

6. WAYFARING STRANGER. Based on the traditional song, but with an additional verse and a few words changed. I'm not keen on the "life is a vale of tears" outlook of the original, so, as happens in the "folk process", I changed it. With Granite Grass. MP3 Lyrics

7. WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN. With Granite Grass. Pretty much a straight-ahead arrangement. Hey, I needed a few things to fill up the CD. MP3

8. DIGITAL COUNTY STORE. With apologies to Arlo Guthrie. This and the next cut were done while I was working for a certain large computer company and are related to some in-house personalities and events. However, some people who never worked at this company say they like them anyhow. If you relate to computer songs, or if you usually get the jokes in "Dilbert", this should work for you. MP3 Lyrics

9. WOMAN AT THE WELL (THEN AND NOW). Based on the old gospel song, but with an updated story. MP3

10. MTA. With Granite Grass. The old Kingston Trio Classic. See cut 7. MP3

11. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. With Granite Grass in a fairly "informal" setting, breaking strings and all. MP3

12. ANDROCLES. Based on the old fable of Androcles and the Lion. Originally written as part of a stage play, the full song has about 15 verses and tells the entire story. Mercifully, I've only included 5 of them here. MP3

13. COME LOOK BEYOND. Written in the mid-1960s during the Viet Nam buildup. Peace and love -- still a good idea here in the 21st Century. MP3 Lyrics

Acoustic Rainbow Compilation Released!

"Digital County Store" was included in Volume 3 of the Acoustic Rainbow sampler series. This compilation was sent to over 900 radio stations worldwide that play acoustic material. Tell your local DJs and ask them to check it out. If they want a promo copy of "The Outpost", have them email or snailmail me.

Airplay report.

Cuts from "The Outpost and other Odd Places" have been played on radio stations around the country and beyond the borders! Play has been reported in Chicago, Baton Rouge, New Hampshire, New Brunswick (Canada), Germany, New Zealand and Guam. Most frequent picks: (1) Digital County Store; (2) Wayfaring Stranger.

The Outpost Revisited

Another CD in the near future?  In the distant future??  Who knows?!  But if so, it will likely include these.  In any event, you can listen now!
  1. "It Will Be Atira" (Dan Murphy, (c) 2006) A fantasy of gods and goddesses, love and spirit.
  2. "Downtown" - Yes, the 1960's hit by Petula Clark.  Also a pleasant fantasy.
  3. "Sugar Baby" - One of the more recent masterpieces from Bob Dylan.  He just keeps rollin' along.
  4. "Standing Knee Deep In a River" - Learned it from Kathy Mattea.  Hey, maybe we will learn sometime.
  5. "Pastures Of Plenty" - A Woody Guthrie classic I've always liked.  He reminds us that love of country is OK.
  6. "Ring Them Bells" - Another Bob Dylan masterpiece, this one from the 1980s.  "Ring Them Bells so the world will know that God is One."

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